There are two types of saxophone that I would recommend for lessons, and they are the alto and tenor saxophones. These are the most common, least expensive and easiest to play (and not too big!)

Alto Saxophone

6_saxophone-9Alto saxophones are smaller, lighter and easier to carry around than tenors and it’s size makes it suitable for both adults and children to learn. Alto’s are in the key of Eb which makes them a transposing instrument, this means if a piano were to play a Bb, we would have to play a G on the alto sax to produce the same sound.

Tenor Saxophonehamburg_tenor_sax_concert_rose_brass_1

Tenor saxophones are slightly larger and heavier, and would be more suited for adult learners. They have a deeper/lower sound than the alto sax and are also a transposing instrument, but in the key of Bb. If a piano were to play a Bb, tenor saxophones would have to play a C to make the same sound.

There are lots of different types & sizes of saxophones ranging from really tiny to MASSIVELY HUGE! To give you some idea of how big they can get an Alto Saxophone is only the 3rd one from the left in the below picture!


Even though the sax is made from brass, it is a part of the woodwinsaxophone-1479740_960_720d family of instruments. This is because we need something called a REED to make sound. A reed is a small, thin piece of cane that attaches to the mouthpiece of the saxophone, and when we blow it vibrates to create sound which is then amplified as it travels down the body of the saxophone.

If you have any further questions about learning the saxophone then feel free to contact me or book in for a trial lesson to give it a go and see if you like it!