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Clarinets are a popular beginning instrument for many young students because of it’s small size and it’s easy to carry and not very heavy, unlike a saxophone!

Beginner clarinets are usually made out of plastic, while more intermediate to advanced instruments are made from different types of wood which affect the tone or sound produced.

Clarinet is very similar to the recorder in that it has holes that you need to use the pads of your fingers to cover in order to play the different notes. One of the most challenging aspects of playing the clarinet is making sure your fingers are covering the holes – which gets easy with practice!

The Clarinet is also a transposing instrument in the key of Bb. If you were to play a Bb on a piano the clarinet would have to play a C to produce the same note.reed

Clarinets are another instrument in the woodwind family. They are similar to the saxophone in that they need a reed to make sound, and without it the clarinet is just an expensive long black stick!

The clarinet also breaks up into 5 different pieces and putting it together can be somewhat of a puzzle at first, but this allows us to pack it up into a small case so it’s easier to travel with.buffete11_2

Just like the saxophones and flutes, there are many different types of clarinets. The most popular clarinet and the one that everyone starts learning on is the Bb clarinet. The other kinds are rarely played outside of orchestras & ensembles.clarinetfamily

If you have any further questions about learning the clarinet then feel free to contact me or book in for a trial lesson to give it a go and see if you like it!