Lesson Terms & Conditions

Cancellations & Make Up Lessonscancellation

24 hours notice must be given if you need to cancel a lesson, if 24 hours notice is received you will NOT be charged for the lesson and a make up lesson will be arranged. I am not obligated to make up any missed lessons where less than 24 hours notice is given, or no notice at all.

The first time less than 24 hours notice is given when cancelling a lesson you will receive a warning. If it happens again you will be charged the full cost of the lesson. The cancellation fee may be waived at my discretion in the case of emergencies or special circumstances in which case I will advise you of my decision. If I ever need to cancel a lesson you will be given as much notice as possible, you will not be charged for the lesson and a make up lesson will be organized.


I try to run my lessons on time and often have students scheduled back to back. Please arrive on time to lessons as I will not have time to give you your full lesson if you arrive late. I will only make up time missed at my discretion depending on the circumstances of your late arrival.

If your attendance drops below 80% I reserve the right to terminate lessons and give your time slot to another student on the waiting list.


You have two options for payment, you can either pay upfront for five lessons (which saves you $25 every 5 lessons!) or pay on a lesson by lesson basis. I accept cash payments only.