Instrument Repair

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Most students only get their instruments serviced when there is something major wrong with them. But you should think of your instrument like a car… you need to get your car serviced regularly so it runs well and doesn’t conk out on you – our instruments are the same and need regular servicing to keep them playing well. I would recommend a general service at least once a year so you can always be playing at your best with an instrument in perfect working order!


As I am still in the process of learning instrument repair, now is a great time to get a quality full service at a fraction of the normal cost. I personally test all instruments during and after servicing to ensure they pass my strict quality control.

I am currently able to do a full service and all basic repairs to flutes, saxophones & clarinets to get them playing at their best. If there is anything major or something that I am unable to repair, I can recommend somewhere to take your instrument.