Flute Repair

Some signs your Flute needs a service:

  • Do some notes sound airy or not sound at all?
  • Do you have trouble playing low C or C#?
  • Does your tone sound stuffy?
  • Has it been more than a year since your flute’s last service?

Full service: $80


  • Take apart flute and clean/bath body
  • Hand polish all key work
  • Re-positioning of head joint cork
  • Rods, hinge tubes & pivot screws cleaned and oiled
  • Springs re-tensioned if required
  • All pads checked and cleaned
  • Replacement of up to 2 pads included
  • Replacement of up to 2 corks included
  • Resizing of tenons if required
  • Minor dent removal

Extra costs:

  • Replacement of head cork
  • Replacement of springs
  • Any extra pads or corks

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