Clarinet Repair

Some signs your Clarinet needs a service are:

  • Do some notes squeak or not sound at all?
  • Do you have to squeeze your fingers really hard for some notes?
  • Are all your tenon corks in good condition, and is your clarinet easy to put together and take apart?
  • Do some keys feel easier or harder to press than other?
  • Has it been more than a year since your clarinet’s last service?

Full Service: $80


  • Whole instrument taken apart and bathed/cleaned
  • Mouthpiece cleaned
  • Keys hand polished
  • Rods, hinge tubes& pivot screws cleaned and oiled
  • Pads checked & cleaned
  • Replace up to 2 pads included (extra cost incurred if more need replacing)
  • Springs re-tensioned
  • Removal of “lost motion” in key work
  • Replacement of up to 2 corks or felts included (extra costs incurred if more need replacing)
  • Tenon joints greased
  • Bore oil for wooden clarinets

Extra costs:

  • Any extra pads or corks
  • Tenon cork replacement
  • Spring replacement